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Compulsive Gambling

Betting must only be done for entertainment. The vast majority of people bet for money without having ever experienced any problems. However, a minority of people, estimated at approximately 2% of the population, are considered to be compulsive players.

In order for all our members to enjoy their experience while visiting our site, we would strongly recommend you to follow the following advice:

1. Be sure that the decision to play is yours alone;
2. Define what you would consider a reasonable loss before you start playing.
3. Never play if:
- You have not reached the legal age required to play.
- It diminishes your capacity to work or any other responsibilities.
- You are recovering from an illness resulting from any type of dependency.
- You are drunk or under the influence of any drug.
- You are trying to recover previous gambling losses.

Please make sure you have established money limits and make sure you are able to stop playing at any time. As with many other things, please make sure you always play in moderation as playing excessively can be harmful. If you are unable to stop betting, we would strongly recommend you do not take part in any of the bets we offer.

Please seek professional help if you start gambling to fulfil a need rather than purely for entertainment.

Please contact Gamblers Anonymous:, an organisation which will anonymously advise you according to your country and will recommend the best practices in order to cure your gambling addiction.

Interdiction for people under the required legal age:

RoadBet makes every effort to ensure that no player under the required legal age will take part in any of its bets. RoadBet is currently engaged in fighting against and discouraging any person who would be a minor or who has not reached the legal age required by their jurisdiction to participate in any gambling games offered by RoadBet.

Any bets made by a minor can be potentially harmful, and can become a risk as soon as an adult brings a minor to a bet or when an adult actively encourages the minor by purchasing a share in a gambling event.

If a minor can gain access to a computer which contains gambling software, we would strongly advise:

1- You install access control software in order to restrict minors from accessing the software.

Below is a list of access control software which is readily available:

Access control software(©):

2- Not to let any unsupervised minor close to a computer, when this computer is turned on, and to protect your computer with a password.

3- Not to let any minor under the age of 18 years old to undertake any type of activity related to gambling. Keep your username, your password and your credit card number in a safe place where no minor can access it.

4- To teach your children the regulations regarding underage gambling and the potential damage that could arise from such actions.

Unfortunately, there is no system which completely prohibits access to gambling websites by minors. If you know or are aware of any person under the required legal age, 18 years old, using RoadBet software, please inform our customer services immediately by sending an email to